Premium USA-made plastic deer blinds for sale.

Built in Georgia, our deer stands feature a double-wall plastic construction for added stability and insulation. They are really easy to install, and are built to last with UV resistant material. As hunters ourselves, we are particular about our deer blinds for sale in our store. Snap Lock deer blinds are a simple deer blind design that is light weight, quick and easy to assemble, will last a long time, and is a great addition to your hunting property or deer lease.

Light Weight

Our plastic deer blind kits weigh less than 100 pounds, which makes them really easy to transport into the field and set up on the fly. No more messing with a gooseneck trailer and tractor or skid steer in order to place your blind, you can easily haul it in a half ton pickup truck, and assemble it on the field in just minutes!

Quick Assembly

These deer stand kits are the quickest assembly on the market, and we stand by that! You’ll be up and ready in no time. Save yourself dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars in materials building your own wood deer blind – instead, get your plastic deer stand up and ready to hunt in just minutes, especially if you have a helping hand.

Made in the USA

Our deer blinds are manufactured in the American South. We know hunters, and we know hunting. We believe in America first, and believe in keeping jobs and money spent in the USA economy. That is why we are committed to building quality deer blinds at a cost that you can afford, especially compared to custom-built deer blinds.

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Local Delivery in North Texas

Deer Blinds for Sale is a division of Trask Industries, a Texas-based family of brands committed to quality, preparedness, self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, customer service and togetherness.

Here are some helpful tips on where to set up your hunting blind:

See ya out there!