If you’re in the market for an inexpensive, long-lasting deer blind, then a plastic deer blind might be the perfect fit for your hunting property.

Cheap Plastic Deer Blinds for Hunting

The most affordable deer blinds in production are plastic deer blinds, and the best cheap plastic deer blinds are Snap-Lock brand hunting blinds.

The Best Cheap Plastic Deer Blinds

Snap-Lock plastic deer blinds are delivered in a kit, which fits in the bed of any full-sized pickup truck. That means you can assemble them quickly and easily in the field, by yourself or with the help of a buddy.

These plastic hunting blinds have double-wall construction which adds insulation, and they have an optional quiet-open window kit. The roof is known to cave inward under pressure such as lots of snow, but the walls are very stout. They do not come with a floor, nor are there any stands available – so you’d be on your own for a base, but that’s simple to build.

Snap-Lock hunting blinds are American-made in Georgia by Formex, who also makes other quality plastic products. These plastic hunting blinds are available in a single-man 4×4 blind and a double 4×6 blind sizes.

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Plastic Box Blinds

The most robust and well thought-out plastic box blind designs are definitely Hughes Products blinds. Much less expensive than fiberglass counterparts, but with a lot more features than Snap-Lock blinds, Hughes plastic box blinds are made by hunters for hunters.

The Best Plastic Box Blinds

Hughes plastic box blinds really are made with the hunter in mind. Fantastic visibility and rigid construction are first and foremost in these designs. The door is a crawl-through style which isn’t great, especially if you have limited capabilities or range of motion, but the roof is way more rigid than Snap-Lock blinds.

Hughes plastic box blinds come in a single 4×4 rectangle and polygonal designs, and a 4×8 double.

Plastic Deer Stands

If you’re looking for a plastic deer stand rather than a ground blind, then consider Hughes products. They offer matching tower stand kits in 8′ and 10′ heights that are priced well compared to hand-made or welded stands. Both of their kits are height-adjustable starting at 5′, and made to fit each of their 4 models of plastic deer stands.

Plastic Deer Stands

Watch this video featuring Hughes brand towers:

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